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Dakster Sullivan. Writer. Mother. Superhero!

Dakster Sullivan emerged into this world with a pen in one hand and a notebook in the other.From the earliest moments of her life, she was filling up notebooks with stories written in purple fine tip Crayola markers.

When she wasn’t pouring her heart onto recycled trees, she was devouring book after book and she likes to brag that she was reading Harry Potter BEFORE it was cool.

As she got older, she realized the art of storytelling could transfer to the web and while other kids were playing with Gameboys and dolls, her Aunt and Uncle gave her a domain name to call her own.

As with many kids, she grew up and thanks to Darth Real Life handing her a new deck of cards, she was lost to the world for a bit.

Finally, realizing life didn’t have to revolve around the cards she had been handed, she stacked the deck in her favor and took charge of the game. She dove head first into the world of design and creative writing to once again share her gift with the world.

In 2011, Dakster was accepted as a writer on GeekMom.com and within a year was promoted to Core Contributor.

In 2014, Dakster was published in Grayhaven Comics You Are Not Alone anthology with a story about her struggles with anorexia. The title was sold on Grayhaven’s website as well as given to libraries, schools, and other youth organizations to show them they are not alone in their struggles. She followed the story up in the following edition of the anthology, this time focusing on her struggles with self-mutilation.

Today, Dakster uses her love of design and creative writing along with her personal struggles with anxiety and depression to help those in need. She uses her reach as a Core Contributor on GeekMom.com to educate others about life with anxiety and actively helps anyone who reaches out.