Adventures In Mermaid Hair

Mermaid hair was a more intense experience then I originally thought it would be...

Who knew you could learn so much about yourself just by dying your hair? I certainly didn’t when I decided to go full out mermaid in 2017. It was such a personal experience I did what anyone else would do…I wrote it all up and put it on the internet complete with pictures of each stage for the first few weeks.

This post was special to me as a content creator because it was personal, detailed, and required me to think about it for a while because I had to decide in advance what kind of pictures I’d need to share the process.

It was a fun post and on Facebook, I received some comments about how on point the post was or how people hadn’t thought about changing hair color as such a journey.

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Project Details

Software: Adobe Photoshop & WordPress

Category: Content Creation

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