Costumer Documentary

Brian Sullivan is more than just your average stay at home dad.

Brian Sullivan is a father, husband, and Star Wars cosplayer. As a member of the 501st Legion, he helps bring smiles to children and adults through his love of a galaxy far far away.

This short documentary takes the audience on a journey as they watch him repair a piece of boot armor and flashes back and forth to his time in costume with other Star Wars fans.

What I enjoyed about working on this project was the challenge of doing multi-camera shots with only one camera. It was a stroke of luck I guess that Brian had to repair some of his armor and it allowed me to capture the process and tell the story of what looks to be a very simple piece of plastic and show that it has a deeper complexity to it.

Following him around the various events allowed me to take a glimpse into his world as I saw children run up to hug him, adults admiring his handy work, and the ones who weren’t too sure what to make of him.

Project Details

Software: Adobe Premiere Pro

Category: Content Creation & Videography

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