Dakster Sullivan: Sizzle Reel

Sizzle reels are like personal trailers.

A sizzle reel is a fast-paced video used to capture attention with the use of short clips, audio, and special effects. Think of it as a trailer for a person or product.

This sizzle reel represents my desire to be a writer and content creator. In the video you see the main character press play and then the book takes you places page by page.

What’s great about sizzle reels is they let you get your audiences attention and if done right, leave them wanting more. Trying to push a book to a publisher? Make a sizzle reel to show off the books best points. Trying to show off to a future employer? Make a sizzle reel to show off your talents or abilities on why they should hire you.

This project was challenging because it was early in my program so I didn’t have the necessary equipment to shoot the scenes myself which meant I had to find creative common clips that worked with my vision for the project.

Some people think that making a long video is hard, but I think the shorter ones are the challenging ones because you don’t have as much time to play with to get the job done.

Project Details

Software: Adobe Premiere Pro

Category: Content Creation & Videography

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