Hydro Dynamic Connections

The owner of Hydro Dynamics knew they had a business but they didn't have a brand strategy. That's where I came in.

The owner of Hydro Dynamic Connections decided for their company to be taken seriously they needed help getting their company branded. The first thing we started with was determining their company profile and how they wanted to come across to their customers. I knew they would eventually use this on a website so I made the logo work as a rectangle or as a shorter icon version.

Since their company’s business is cleaning a wide range of buildings I put together a logo that represented that and used the arrow to connect them all together. The original colors didn’t work out to the client’s advantage so I picked out a few alternatives and they liked how the colors still represented what they wanted without being the same ones that everyone else in the cleaning business used.

Project Details

Software: Adobe InDesign

Category: Graphic & Logo Design

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