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Ian Keisacker wanted more than a foundation in his name, he wanted a FUNdation.

Ian Keisacker may have died from childhood cancer, but his memory lives on through his FUNdation that helps bring a little fun to kids in the hospital.
Ian’s Thumbs Up FUNd was founded after Ian Keisacker died of childhood cancer. Before he passed, he asked his family to set up a foundation in his name to help kids in the hospital.

He didn’t want it to be just any foundation he wanted a FUNdation. One that would help bring kids some joy while going through the painful treatments that childhood cancer inflicted on them.

This website was developed with the help of Ian’s parents as part of a school project to build a website from scratch. Instead of picking something that would waste time on the internet after it was graded, I decided to make it do some good.

I developed everything from the logo to the infographic and created all the corresponding content.

Of all my school projects, I’m most proud of this one because it helped me do something in Ian’s memory. We only met twice, but he left a lasting impression.

The biggest challenge of this project was the subject matter. I won’t lie. I cried a few times putting this together. Ian was a bright little star and his light was dimmed too early in life.

I hope to do more projects like this for those that want to remember their loved ones in a similar manner but need help in getting it off the ground.

The full website can be viewed here.

Project Details

Software: WordPress, Photoshop, Canva

Category: Content Creation, Web Design



Ians Thumbs Up FUNd Logo, childhood cancer
Ians Thumbs Up FUNd Logo, childhood cancer

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