iFly Orlando Indoor Skydiving Experience

Indoor skydiving is a fairly new sport that provides plenty of adrenaline fun.

iFly Orlando indoor skydiving gives you the thrill of the feeling of skydiving without the fear of falling to your death after jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.
iFly Orlando was a review for my column, A Geek In Orlando on GeekMom blog. This wasn’t your average review coverage though because I have anxiety and a fear of heights. I was in for an interesting night when we took the leap and tried it out.

I think I did rather well, considering all the anxiety I had leading up to the experience and I learned something about my fears while in a controlled environment.

Other than the emotional challenges of this post, I had a couple of technical challenges as well. No cameras are allowed in the chambers where the divers are.

We had to make special arrangements for me to fly my flights last so I could video outside while my family was inside.

Once it was my turn, my husband came outside to video while I did my part. If I had it to do over again, I would bring my GoPro with the suction cup mount so we could have that footage as well.

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