MegaCon 2017

MegaCon is one of the highlights of my writing year.

Every year Orlando hosts MegaCon, a comic book and fan convention with a little bit of everything for everyone.

I’ve been attending MegaCon for GeekMom blog for the past five years and eagerly await this four day weekend event. In 2017, I kicked my post up a knotch by shooting a video that highlighted the various areas and over the top costumers I ran into.

Convention shooting can be difficult because there isn’t necessarily a story to tell but you still want to show people what goes on. I go into these events with a set list of shots I know I want and I get as many as I can at various angles. This gives me plenty of material to work with in post and during the editing process, I pick the shots that flow well with each other.

I always make a point to get some sample audio that lasts as long as my video will be so I have a smooth bit of audio to fall back on if my camera mic fails on me.

Project Details

Software: Adobe Premiere Pro

Category: Content Creation

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