With more than five years of dedication to GeekMom Blog, Dakster has written over 500 posts ranging from press events at Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios, reviewed products by HP and Samsung, as well as written about her personal struggles and what it means to be a mom in a geek world. Here is a small sampling of her favorites from over the years. To see a complete list of posts she has written, check out her author page on GeekMom.com.

GeekMom Exclusive Interview: Robyn Hood Writer, Pat Shand
Dear Ashley Eckstein, You Saved Me
Robyn Hood Issue 3 Cover Dakster and Ashley Eckstein
“Here ís the interview Iíve been talking about. My big retrospective ROBYN HOOD interview with Wired – this is the one that pulled back all of the layers and asked questions that shocked me. Really pleased with this, and I hope it sheds some light. This is one of my favorite interviews thus far.” – Pat Shand “I am completely honored, humbled and touched by your letter…I also want to applaud you for your courage and bravery to stand up to the negative thoughts in your mind and, from my perspective, YOU saved yourself…I look forward to the next time our paths cross!”- Ashley Eckstein
Dear Retailers, You Have Failed Mother’s Day Back to School with SuperHeroStuff.com
You Have Failed Mothers Day Back to school with superherostuff
Dear Retailers, It’s the time of year again when people are shopping for that special woman in their life. I’m referring to Mother’s Day. And once again you have failed mothers everywhere. It’s that time of year when kids are trying to figure out what to wear for this back to school season I’ve put together a few outfits for the geeky and fashionable at heart.So let’s hit the digital catwalk!
Having Anxiety Means Summer Reading List
Having anxiety means Summer reading
Anxiety is more than just an anxious feeling. It’s more than fear. It’s debilitating. It’s painful. And sometimes, it can be downright impossible to “live” with.Here is what having anxiety really means from someone who lives it with every day and still manages to survive. Summer is a time for hitting the beach, relaxing, and reading! Need some suggestions? We have assembled our favorites for your reading pleasure this season. There is something for all ages on this list curated by the GeekMom / GeekDad team.